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SMART Colour Ribbon Kit

SMART printers offer professional quality printing with genuine colour ribbons. It is composed of 3 primary colours (yellow, magenta and cyan) to print mode depth and clear image.

These make it possible to optimize the quality of printed images and logos with a 300dpi resolution.

Genuine colour ribbons endure varnish onto your cards to maintain a high quality of image despite its frequent use. So printed card with Genuine colour ribbons can be used for longer than any other cards which was printed with other ribbons.

Each box of ribbon kit consist of 1 roll of ribbon and 1 cleaning roll.

YMCKO (Colour) Ribbon Kit
For quality full colour printing of ID Cards.
... Capacity: 250 prints
... Part #: 650634

YMCFKO (Colour + UV) Ribbon Kit
For quality full colour + UV printing of ID Cards.
Security feature that enables the UV security marking to be
seen under the UV light.

Prevents fraud / unauthorised copy of cards.

... Capacity: 200 prints
... Part #: 650637

hYMCKO (Half Panel Colour) Ribbon Kit
For half panel full colour printing of ID Cards.
... Capacity: 350 prints
... Part #: 650646

YMCKO-K (Colour)-Black Ribbon Kit
For quality front full colour + back black printing of ID Cards. For use with SMART-50D only.
... Capacity: 200 prints
... Part #: 650637