SMART ID Card Printer

SMART Thermal ID Card Printer

Smart, Smarter Than Any Other ID Card Printer


Newly enhanced SMART™ ID
card printer series promises
quality, performance
convenience to you.



SMART ID Card Printer Features



SMART ID Card Printer is everything you would ever need in an ID Card Printer and more....

SMART is designed to suit yourevery needs.

The standard SMART printer can be upgraded to any option you desire.

All you have to do is let us know if you need a Magnetic Stripe Encoder or
SMART Card Encoder or Proximity Card Encoder or a Rotator and we will
customise the standard SMART to your preference.

There is no limitation to your SMART printer.

 Cost Competitiveness

- Prevent the waste of ribbon panel by perfect auto ribbon search function

- Free bundle design software (Smart Design)

 Excellent Convenience
- Show real-time process status through 2 lines LCD window
- Front card In/Out system (Front side Hopper & Stacker)
- Convenient semi-cartridge type’s ribbon & cleaning roller
- Easy Contact/Contactless/Mobile IC encoding

 Clear Printing Quality
- Apply FINE Imaging Technology to make clear and optimized color
- Print high quality mono image with Resin using High Quality Dithering Algorithm

  Dual-Sided Printing
- Dual-sided printing with attachable Rotator
- Apply latest Optimal Rotating Technology (Rotate in a second without noise)
 Enhanced Printing Speed
- Max 144 cards/hour in full color one side ( YMCKO)
- Max 120 cards/hour in full color two side( YMCKOK) (with Rotator)
- Max 720 cards/hour in monochrome one side

 Various Option
- Magnetic Stripe Encoding : ISO 7811, JISâ…ˇ, HiCo / LoCo
- IC (Contact) Encoding : ISO 7816 (ID-1)
SIM Type - ISO 7816 (ID-000)
- Two Contactless Encodings (Internal & External) : ISO 14443 (Type A / B), ISO 15693, MIFARE
- Rotator

 Easy Card Issuing
- Provide exclusive design and encoding tool (Smart Design)
- Easy connection with external database
- Compatible with MS Excel/Word/Power Point and Photoshop program