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SMART Thermal ID Card Printer

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Newly enhanced SMART™ ID
card printer series promises
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convenience to you.



Pre-printed Cards

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For a more prestigious look on your ID Cards, Membership Card, VIP Cards etc, we recommend to custom pre-print your plastic cards. Then, using your SMART™ ID Card Printer, you can print the individual data such as names, barcode and photos.

A more classy look would be printing the name and data (excluding photo) with
Gold or Silver Ribbon Kit.

We also supply Hotel Key Cards in standard sizes:
..(1) ISO CR-80 : 54mm x 86mm x 0.76mm
..(2) (cannot be custom printed using SMART™)



Your Pre-Printed PVC Cards may include:
Magnetic Stripe - HiCo / LoCo
Chip - Mifare / EM
Signature Panel
UV (Ultra-Violet) Security Printing
... others..